Katherine 2017 Event Dates

Race entry fees give you membership to the Katherine Multi sport Club

Race entry for 1 adult =$2

Race entry for 1 adult and 2+ children = $4

Race entry for 3+ children in the one family = $5

*When taking part in any Katherine Multi-sport club event, you must sign on before you participate

* For adults entering a triathlon, we can always use your help to act as race director/timer to allow our events to continue.

* Please note some of these dates may change so its best to contact us at kmsclub@gmail.com

“K- Town Kannonball Run” – MTB Time Trials.

Time trial ride from Shady Lane to Knotts Crossing. Competitors leave at one minute intervals. Meet at Knotts Crossing at 0700am and ride to start. Contact: Matthew.Dmitrieff@thesmithfamily.com.au
3rd December
17th December

200 Years of the Bicycle – Celebratory Fun Ride.
9th December Start at the Low Level Park. Ride the River Loop, ride to Springvale and return to the Low Level Park for a picnic and speeches. Meet at Low Level Park at 0900am. Contact:  Mark.Desailly@nt.gov.au

Triathlon & Duathlon
26th November Choose your own adventure. Swimming, cycling and cross country running. Meet at Edith Falls at 0630am. Contact: Mark.Desailly@nt.gov.au