Ultra Challenge Registration

Registration for the 2018 Ultra Challenge

Online Entries Only



If you make any changes to your team once you have registered, please update your details at the bottom of the registration page where it says: View or Change Your Existing Registration.

This is an important because:

  1. It is a safety measure for the race organisers, enabling us to track where people are on the course.
  2. It ensures we match leg times to the right people.
  3. You get the glory you deserve. Hoorah!

Meal Option at Registration

In a bid to ensure we provide enough food at the presentation evening, we encourage each individual and team (including support crew) to pre-purchase a $25/pp meal ticket when they register for the race. These will then be included in the Registration Pack distributed at the pre-race briefing.

Those who elect not to pre-purchase a meal ticket will have the option to buy steak burgers etc. at another food stall on the night.

In using this system we try to obtain a more accurate estimate of catering requirements and avoid any shortage of food for a lot of hungry people.

There are no refunds for meal tickets.