The Katherine Ultra Challenge

Sunday the 5th of August – 2018

Registration will open in early April

Click here to view the results from 2016
Click here to view the results from 2017

The Katherine Ultra Challenge is a one day multisport event encompassing six different legs covering 100km’s around the Katherine region. Competitors can enter as individuals or in teams of 2-6 people.
The Katherine Ultra Challenge is an event that encourages competitors of every ability and there are plenty of people who just want to have fun and go at their own pace. So get your team together and get amongst it!

Practice runs of the Katherine Ultra Challenge:

All are welcome and the pace will be as fast as the slowest person. The idea is to allow competitors to familiarise themselves with the course prior to race day. This is particularly important for the cross country and mountain bike legs.

Keep a weather eye out for this page; there may be further additions.

Open Water Swim
Road Ride
Road Run
Cross Country  


Competitors Seeking a Team / Team Seeking Members

If you are a competitor seeking a team to join or a team requiring extra members, email and we will put you on our notice board below. Please let us know if you have been successful in this endeavour and we will update the notice board.

Looking Team for Members

Require people for these legs




Looking for a Team

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Route Detail

2017 Katherine Ultra Challenge Location Map pdf
2017 Katherine Ultra Challenge Location Map Google Earth

The Google Earth Map is a zipped Kmz file, to open it do this:

  • Left click on the link (a zipped file image will appear at the bottom of the screen).
  • Left click ^ and choose “show in folder”.
  • Right click the 2017 Ultra Challenge Course folder.
  • Left click “Extract All”
  • Left click “Extract”.
  • Left click the 2017 Kmz file. It will open in Google Earth.

3.2km Swim

– Up and down the second gorge, doing two laps finishing at the start of the second Gorge

11.5km Cross Country run

– through the bush from the Second Gorge to Maud Creek

25km mountain bike

– from Maud Creek to Knott’s Crossing

11.5km kayak

– from Knott’s Crossing to low level then return to High level bridge

39km road bike

– from the high level bridge,  out towards the Gorge, turn around just before Maud Creek and back to the Museum

10km road run

– from the museum across the road, along the bike path over the high level bridge and left past until 5km is reached, turn around and back to then finish at the museum

Kayak Leg 
(For practical tips on Kayaking technique please click on the link below or refer to the Canoe page on this site.)

FAQ’s about the kayak leg 

2017 Cross Country Course

We are unable to put tape out in the National Park until just before the race so if you are practicing by yourself, follow these instructions carefully until you get to Point 6 on the table below, after which we have already marked the route with pink tape.

The route is in three parts:

  1. Through National Park marked trails (4km) – Points 1-2 in the table below. You should not get lost, but you will have trouble getting to the starting point between the first and second gorges. You will probably have to walk up the Baruwei walk and look down from Pat’s lookout.
  2. The middle section (3.5 km) – Points 3-11 in the table. This will be the only part where you might have trouble navigating. After Point 6 the route is marked with pink tape and it will be even better marked by race day.
  3. The third part (5.5 km) – Points 12-14 in the table, is well marked with tape and follows the river, so you will not get lost if you keep to the river corridor. The tape marks the route that we think is easiest, but you don’t have to stick to that exactly. Just don’t leave the river corridor! You can’t miss Maud Creek.


Please ring Neil on 0401115885 if there is anything unclear

Sections Approx. km
1 From the bottom of the second gorge, run along the concrete path to the top of the first gorge, then along the base of the cliffs and up the rough path to Pat’s Lookout on top of the escarpment 1.0 km
2 Follow the national park Baruwei track back towards the park HQ. After you come down the hill before reaching the road turn left at the sign (facing away from you) which says “No Bicycles” 3.0 km
3 Follow the pink tape along an overgrown track until you cross the highway (with marshals) 300m
4 After crossing the road, turn left and follow the power lines until you reach a track and some white gates 700m
5 Turn right and follow the track until you reach a gateway with a chain on your left 300m
6 Go through the gate and follow the track as it eventually curls round to the left. Ignore the right hand fork at the top of the hill. The track eventually joins a fence on the right. You will see a gate on the right next to a Park sign (facing away) 1.0 km
7 Through that gate and over the hill till you join a track. Follow the track till you get to a gully 500m
8 Follow the pink tape through the long grass till you get to a track 100m
9 Turn left along that track till you see another track on the right 50m
10 Follow that right hand track till you can see the river. 400m
11 Once you see the river, watch carefully for pink tape down through the long grass towards the river 200m
12 From here follow the tape and the river all the way. The first bit is almost all through a long gully in the river corridor. Don’t leave the river corridor. When you get to a clearing with a pump, just after some electric wires, which is Alex’s place. 2.5 km
13 Straight on after Alex’s. The first part involves some rocky sections near the river (be careful!). The later part is more open woodland but still near the river. You can’t miss Maud Creek lodge (white gates on your left and a Hill’s Hoist) 2.5 km
14 Through the Maud Creek grounds following the track to the left beside the cattle yards rather than going past the main house. Congratulations you have made it! 500m



The year is going fast and we are putting an early shout out for anyone who would like to volunteer for the Katherine Ultra Challenge. It’s a great way to get involved without the sweating! 

We need volunteers to act as race marshals and timekeepers.

Anyone who would like to put their name down, please email Sarah at  

We will have a lucky prize for one of our volunteers on the day!

Sarah – Volunteer coordinator.



The Katherine Ultra Challenge appreciates the support of the Katherine community. In particular the generous assistance offered by Nitmiluk Tours, who are responsible for transport logistics on the Katherine  Gorge. We could not hold this event without their help. Thank you.


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